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Concept Art's Journal

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3rd January 2009

thesecondhaunt1:26am: Children of the Gulf: Lam'Blanc

Lam'Blanc, alpha of the Children of the Gulf.

Trying to finish up all my 2008 goals (ie: learn to paint in photoshop). ;P

4th October 2007


Full Size - NWSCollapse )

24th September 2007

aj_word12:51pm: The Bloggers Artshow
So just incase you weren't aware of this show...which I'm also apart of, here's my personal invite to any of you who are in the Chicago area and would like to show up and say hello to me.....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Please stop by, get me drunk and have you're artistic way with me! Oh Yeaaaahh!

15th November 2006

dfors8:39am: If you can read this I need your help!
Help me rate this design by clicking on the banner, and leave a comment if you will! This one has to be the clincher at threadless...I hope anyway, otherwise I'll have to check myself into to a theology school.
check-mech - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

PS. I also have the second version of American Phallacy up...
American Phallacy v.2 - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

2nd November 2006

dfors11:25pm: Cheer Up Emo-tree...oh. - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

30th October 2006

dfors2:02pm: Threadless.com T-shirt submission: "American Phallacy"
I need your vote/rating!

American Phallacy - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

26th October 2006

dfors6:09pm: Do you like coffee, hm?
Well, then Jesus Valdez is your god! Help promote the Coffee Messiah by voting(rating) this threadless.com design submission! Click on the banner to excercize some democracy (seriously, it's in horrible shape).

Coffee Messiah - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

11th October 2006

dfors11:13am: Threadless.com t-shirt submission!
I'd be grateful if you voted on my t-shirt design submission to Threadless.com, it's more of rating it, but still I'd be grateful!

The Road to Hell is Paved With...uh...Demon Roadki - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

28th July 2006

agent_hush11:32pm: There is a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out that is all CGI. Oh my Bog does it look awesome. Yes, growing up I was a TMNT fan. I watched the cartoon religiously, and played the nintendo games whenever I could get over to my neighbors house. My sketchbook from middle school was filled with drawings of the turtles and their villians.

So after watching the trailer, bobo_dreams says that it's time to do another challenge. This one: Draw your favorite turtle. Here are the results:

RaphaelCollapse )

I always liked Raphael more than the other turtles. He was the black sheep, Who seemed to always get into trouble but could hold his own. He was to me, the most "Noo Yawk" of all of the characters. Bobo did Donatello, and has given the character a little extra somethin' that is really nice.

Does anyone else have that damn theme song running through their head?

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4th May 2006

tragedywasmile2:11pm: New to the art scene
Wow, and they say you learn something new everyday, and I did. I learned what concept art is. I am familiar with it, just didn't realize what the proper title was.

I am 34 yrs old yet am new on the art scene. I didn't have the ability to draw until late 2002, early 2003. It came to me by fate when I was hit head on by a van going 95 mph & had a brain shear (that is where your brain slams up against your skull, back and forth) among other injuries. Anyway, that is not the point.

I think I will try my hand at some concept art and see how I do. If your interested I have what I've drawn in these two galleries, take a peek if you like.   My Art and  more art .

Thanks~ Sally
Current Mood: curious

10th February 2006

opera_bum11:53pm: Greetings,

I am virtually known as ardjoena and I am starting a new art concept team. We are simply a team of 'gods' creating a new world through the form of art, literature and music. Check our forum for a recruitment list. Your talent to dream and create is needed. Also check our artworks and writing for the level of competency required. Contact me through msn only: bleon17@hotmail.com

9th July 2005

agent_hush10:41pm: A Fine Fellowship
The FellowshipCollapse )

First sketch towards something bigger. I need to add just a few more characters and re-arrange a few things as far as placement goes. I haven't posted in here in a while and I figured it was time. Can't afford to get stale, y'know?

Cross Posted
Current Mood: Decent

4th May 2005

pendulum_stops10:59pm: Hello!
Hey! My name is Dan and I just joined this community to check out some new art and get a look at other peoples' style. From what I've seen so far, it looks like there's a lot of talent here. A little about me; I'm 18 years old and have been an avid artist since I was a kid. I took a liking to concept art at a young age after unlocking some in old video games like MK and stuff. Anyway, I hope to be a game designer one day. Sadly I don't have a photobucket thing yet, so to check out my stuff, try

I'll photobucket it up in a few. Thanks for lettin' me join.

22nd March 2005

thesecondhaunt10:00pm: port

doodling during class of a character of mine.

25th February 2005

agent_hush4:44am: hello all,
           I found this group while surfing around and am very impressed by what I see.  My name is Steve, and I'm a 26 year old cartoonist who enjoys concept art and design as a way to stretch out the imagination.  now that the intro is finished, I'd like to share this piece with you all.  It's a new image, of a friend who recently passed away.  Not exactly concept art, but it gives a good insite into some of the work I like to do.  Hope you all enjoy. 

this has been cross posted.
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6th December 2004

aj_word10:45am: A few weeks ago the lovely boq_ask me to make a sketch of a punk rock Boi! And with my last entry its seems I'm having a Tattoo/ punk boi/ with hair a episode!

Oh well,

This next one is a better on, its hopefully going to be the front page to my website....if i ever get it running?

12th October 2004


So, there it is, the newest little drawing. I guess it came about last month, its seemed every where I turn a "mermaid" image was in my face. I found myself sketching out mermaids waiting for the train or at my BF's apartment!

But there it is....go fourth and be viewed!

26th September 2004

roseredcity9:09am: Some images I did for a job test.

17th September 2004

aj_word4:28pm: sketchbook!
Some of you wanted to see some of my work.....here some,2 sketches, and a finished birthday card for a client!Collapse )
Current Mood: creative

13th August 2004

aj_word12:32pm: New work, Just finished it. Its not actually for any specific thing, just me flexing my Artist Eye! Tell me wha'cha think of it....

3rd July 2004

inmybellyplease6:32pm: nogget
Hi, just joined this concept art community, seems pretty cool. I've seen some pretty impressive art on here. I Am 16 and draw all the time. Creatures, animals, demons, whatever. I'm even the inventor of the new hit sensation morbidly obese graffiti, with sweat and hair on the fat rolls of the letters. Say hi or something if you want to see some art, i don't quite know how to post pictures in here yet, but when I do i'll start dropping pieces in here and there.
Current Mood: numb

10th April 2003

ashuriaeryn9:52pm: Hello!
Um, Hi *waves shyly* This place sure doesn't look very busy.... I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm a college art student, just about finished a one year visual arts course offered at my local college. After that I hope to go into animation *fingers crossed* I do a lot of writing, mostly fantasy which requires me to develop alot of original costumes, places and characters. I really enjoy the creating of these things and so I thought it would be cool to talk to other people about concept art and fine tune my skills. I don't currently have any pictures on the web that i can show, but I hope to soon. Well, that's me in a nutshell! Ciao for now!

7th December 2002

genn1:31am: just for the sake of tradition..
Welcome to the community :P
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