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There is a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out that is all CGI. Oh my Bog does it look awesome. Yes, growing up I was a TMNT fan. I watched the cartoon religiously, and played the nintendo games whenever I could get over to my neighbors house. My sketchbook from middle school was filled with drawings of the turtles and their villians.

So after watching the trailer, bobo_dreams says that it's time to do another challenge. This one: Draw your favorite turtle. Here are the results:


I always liked Raphael more than the other turtles. He was the black sheep, Who seemed to always get into trouble but could hold his own. He was to me, the most "Noo Yawk" of all of the characters. Bobo did Donatello, and has given the character a little extra somethin' that is really nice.

Does anyone else have that damn theme song running through their head?

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